umilumi lampe måne

umilumi wall lamps are carefully handcrafted from solid oak wood sourced from sustainable local forests.

We make shopping, shipping, and tracking hassle-free. Our customer support team makes sure you are guided all the way.

umilumi lamps are manufactured in Germany under fair working conditions and using sustainable production methods.

Kids lamp crown / lampe børneværelse

Frequently asked questions

How bright are the dimmable night lights?

We have spent many hours researching, developing, and testing the perfect luminosity of our night lights, and we think we cracked it. On the lowest setting, our lights will allow you to see only the vague outline of your child whereas on the highest setting you will be able to read a bedtime story.

How do I mount the night light to the wall?

All umilumi dimmable wall lights come with a screw and wall plug as well as three adhesive strips. You must choose what works best in your particular case. For further information about the correct installation and a step-by-step guide please go here!

Do you offer any warranty on your night lamps?

Yes, we absolutely do! We stand by our product and offer a two-year warranty on every lamp provided the product has been installed and handled correctly. Should you have any complaints please write to

What type of wood do you use for the night lights?

Our preferred wood is European oak, which is a strong high-quality wood native to Scandinavia. We insist on using wood from responsible and renewable forests, to help reduce the environmental impact of forest felling.  

Are these products ethically sourced?

The short answer is yes because we buy our wood from local sustainable forests and try to be mindful of our carbon footprint in the production process. The more complicated answer is that ethically sourcing is an ongoing process. We are continuously looking at how we can better every aspect of our business.

How does the touch LED dimmer work?

It is very easy to use. You tap the touch button on the wooden frame to turn on the light on the lowest setting. Then hold it to make it brighter. Once it’s on the highest setting it will automatically stop. At any point, you can tap the button to turn the light completely off or press the touch button continuously to continue to dim the light up or down.