For the love of light

umilumi is a passion project through and through. The love of simple Scandinavian design, the appreciation of wood as a natural working material, and the importance of light as a source of comfort in a child’s bedroom have willed this brand to life and continue to be the driving force behind it.

The journey began in 2021 with just an idea; To create a simplistic night light that would tie in with the Scandinavian furniture tradition and still appeal to a child’s imagination.

After the initial idea followed an endless process of testing light sources, pressing buttons, touching wood (literally), and getting honest feedback from some very opinionated kids. We needed to make sure that the night lights would give off just the right amount of light for bedtime stories and deep sleep. Because the function is just as important as the form.

Now here we are … Proud of every one of our umilumi wall lamps.

umilumi væglampe